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Please Note: This is an Irish Gaelic version of Wordumz and contains only Irish.If you want to test out Wordumz gameplay and want to see how it looks on your device please install the "WORDUMZ Irish Free" version.Wordumz is a fun and addictive game that requires a decent vocabulary, good spelling and fast fingers. How many words can you create from a random pile of letters? There's no easy, medium or hard mode in this game, it's all about challenging yourself, you make it as easy or difficult as you want it to be. Do you want to go for the big words or make life easy for yourself? The longer the word the better the score!
Wordumz has a word browser which allows you to look through the word list to brush up on your spelling (not while the game is running though) and learn new words - for example if you're stuck for words using the letter U there are over 1600 in the word list that begin with U!
Wordumz has a new interface with new tiles and a choice of luscious backgrounds.A global leaderboard has been added to let you see how your best scores stack up!
There are no in-app purchase in Wordumz and it does not collect personal data. The Global Leaderboard stores only the name you supply in-game, the score, date and longest word played. You may opt out of the Leaderboard if you choose.
More game modes and additional challenges will be added to Wordumz soon.Wordumz was made with Gamemaker Studio using Nailbuster Software's excellent GUI Widget library.Visit for a demo of the widget library.
Wordumz will display on almost any size of screen but on very small screens clicking on the tiles might be a little difficult. If you have an older or slower device and are considering purchasing Wordumz please try installing the free version first to check that the display and gameplay work for you.
We're extremely grateful to Kevin Scannell for generously making his extensive Irish word list freely available to us for use in Wordumz, and for translating the game into Irish.